Saturday, July 24, 2010

Don't you know?

Haha. Heh.

I feel like it's redundant to explain text-based art, but maybe the sarcasm here isn't exactly obvious.
Working at Whole Foods, especially, I am growingly aware of how organics and recycling are new forms of conspicuous consumption. I feel that in a way, the eco-consciesness movement has lost a lot of heart, or more specifically, lost a lot of direction. The green movement can do a lot to better the world, indeed, but it realistically has become an extension of the market instead of a pragmatic solution to the very real problem of global pollution (plastics most especially).

Point being - the world will not be saved by artists ironing together plastic bags to make art, or recycling plastic cups, nor by buying new "green" reusable objects, or buying anything, really. Sustainability is not achievable through MORE consumption - a paradigm shift needs to take place in which individuals are aware of how to make what they need in order to live, so as to avoid the unnecessary production of useless disposable junk.

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